Front End Web Developer in Montreal

Hello. My name is Mark Senff. I am a Dutch Front End Developer based in Montreal, Canada. This is where I write little articles about all kinds of things (but mostly technical, front end-related topics and some tips & tricks).

Even more elegant fix for ‘jumping scrollbar’ issue

A few days ago, Ayke van LaĆ«them started a new blog, and the first post, titled Fix ‘jumping scrollbar’ issue using only CSS, addressed the issue of centered pages “jumping” a little when the user would navigate between short pages … Read post

Install WordPress on Your Local PC (also, more than one site)

Although the official WordPress installation procedure is quite extensive and complete, it may also be a little overwhelming for less experienced users. Especially when it comes to installing WordPress locally (so you can mess around with stuff without risking anyone … Read post

New WordPress plugin: Smooth Page Scroll Up/Down Buttons

My second WordPress plugin is now done! It has a terribly long name: “Smooth Page Scroll Up/Down Buttons“, but that’s just what it does. It adds UP/DOWN buttons that will let you scroll exactly one page/screen, and the scroll will … Read post

What goes into creating a WordPress plugin

After many years of web development, and quite some time as a WordPress aficionado, it was only yesterday that I launched my first WordPress plugin officially. This was not some grand plan; it just sorta happened. In general, the release … Read post

jQuery plugin: Sticky Anything

Oh hey everyone, I made a jQuery plugin! “Big deal!” I hear you say. You’re kinda right. It’s not that much of a big deal. So many plugins are created every single day, by thousands of developers, so what makes … Read post

5 things to do before your WordPress site goes live

Once you’re (almost) done developing your WordPress site, you’re looking forward to actually pushing it live. And then the final touches come in. This checklist is not about the things you do right before (or during) development; it’s mainly about … Read post

How to properly change WordPress URLs

Sometimes, after you moved your WordPress site to a new host/server or just moved it to its own directory, things may not work properly right away. At times, the wrong URLs are set, and you’re locked out of the site. … Read post

nth-of-type don’t work properly!

Probably common knowledge. But confusing to me, and I was a little surprised. You’re probably familiar with the nth-of-type pseudo-class. With this, you can target elements based on their order/place in the document structure. Details can be found on CSS … Read post

Envira Gallery – a plugin review

Every now and then, I write review articles for WordPress news site WP Mayor. The latest one was just published today and is about a (relatively) new image gallery plugin called Envira Gallery. Most of us WordPress developers (including myself) … Read post

The difference between responsive and adaptive

As short as I can figure it out. Responsive: the site will serve the same content to every device, but depending on the device/browser/screen used to view the site, it is styled differently. Adaptive: depending on the device/browser/screen, different content … Read post